Gangs & Territories – v0.65 is out!

Back with another huge update to Broke Protocol – v0.65 featuring gangs, bosses, and territories that can be conquered. This update aims to expand gameplay and offer an outlet for those who want to do something productive with their trigger finger. You can gang up, do hits on enemy gangs, take their territory, and get paid a salary to do just that!

The Gangs

To get started, look for the conspicuous contract icons dotted around the city on your map. These are gang bosses that can be talked to and joined up with. The gangs include the Italian mafia: Borgata Blu.

The American Green St. Fam
Green Gang

…and the Latin Rojo Loco
Red Gang

Once you join a crew, check out the in-game map (M by default) and look for enemy colored territories.
Territories Map

Kill 3 enemy gangsters in their turf to start a war. Now wait for in ambush as waves of enemy AI defenders come your way. Defeat them all and win a territory for you team. AI will spawn and defend your territories but be proactive and back them up if you see an enemy gang intruding on your turf!

Download Here!

Full Changelog

Gangs Added (Rojo Loco, Green St. Fam, and Borgata Blu)
Get gang jobs by applying with the bosses (contract icons on map)
Added territories (kill 3 enemies in turf to start gang war)
Added AI defenders for territories
Updated Renderer to use DX11 by default (DX9 is still the fallback)
Fixed best weapon calculation for AI (will prefer guns)
Stopped connection message spamming on joining server
Fixed cloud rendering on some setups
Fixed and balanced spawn rates for the different jobs
Balanced weapon prices
Increased paramedic and firefighter rewards
Actually fixed stuck action menu
Better protection against a null AI state
Added new Punk character clothes
AI will prefer their job uniform over civilian clothes
Improved server physics handling (less flipped vehicles)
Fixed potential server infinite loop
Really fixed floating/underground briefcases and fires
Reduced fire damage and range
Police added to fire station
Fixed registration character model sometimes stuck onscreen
Fixed fires and grenades causing errors on joining server
More reliable buffering data on player connection
Minor building and prop UV fixes
Fixed Bazooka price (back up to $2000)
Reduced Drug prices so NPCs can afford them
Added job descriptions when getting new job
Fixed gun damaging shooter in some cases
Fixed some office mesh errors

Gang Shootout

Cheers and see you online!